Friday, September 25, 2009

CARRIER robotic wheelchair is all they wanted for self-reliance

Robotic wheelchairs are becoming the latest lure in personal mobility. Even the not so helpless us, want to get into these new concepts (no intentions of hurting anyone’s sentiments). Still, the motive behind these designs and makes is to get life going simple and independent for the disabled. CARRIER, a new robotic wheelchair concept, developed as a semester project at the University of Applied Arts, is a self sufficient helping ride good to negotiate all terrains.

The dystrophic can benefit with the wheelchairs specially designed seat which opens over a commode, while patients with spine problems can stand again with CARRIER’s lifting ability, we seen that in a DIY wheelchair, remember?

For the aged and other who have difficulty ascending and descending stairs, this wheelchair features unique Galileo Wheel, which combines the advantages of a wheel and track, so that remains no problem too. A great concept with thoughtful credentials, I would want this to reach the needy.

Via: YankoDesign

Razar Orochi gaming mouse offers dual-mode wired, wireless connectivity

It’s difficult to pick between a wireless and a wired mouse, and if you’re an avid gamer, the snag gets even wider. Catering to the problem however, and to lift the gaming mouse standards to a new height, Razar has introduced the all-new Razar Orochi gaming mouse. Orochi employees Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity to enhance portability, and also is easy to use in a wired mode for gaming grade performance.

If the Orochi’s dual-mode capability isn’t good enough to impress you, then its ambidextrous design and the 4,000dpi Razer Precision 3G Laser sensor will definitely get you. A $80 price tag may seem demanding, but then it’s not at all bad for the performance Razar products are so prominent for. Waiting already, yeah, it’s coming next month.

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Razar offers 3500dpi Death Adder mouse

In case you’ve missed the Razer Naga, it’s difficult for you to understand how tacky a mouse can be. It was well done, but, those 12 buttons, I haven’t still figured, why? Anyways, things change faster than we adapt and here Razar is back with a better offering. Only a revamp of its old Death Adder mouse, but with higher resolution optical sensor, real time adjustable sensitivity and comprehensive 3500dpi, this right-hand designed mouse features five customizable buttons - perhaps this number makes some sense. Offering 1ms response time, and attached to a 7-foot braided fiber cable, the Death Adder mouse features a gold-plated USB connector. Priced at $60 the mouse is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

USB Car Adapter Charges Any USB Device On-the-Go

The iLuv Micro USB Car adapter turns your car's cigarette outlet into a universal USB charger, so you don't have to buy specialized car chargers for all of your USB-chargeable gear.
The device is tiny (1.7-inches long), so once plugged in only a small portion of the gadget will stick out from your dash, so it shouldn't be much of an eyesore. Then, rather than buying car chargers for your cellphone, your iPod, your camera, or whatever else you've got that can already charge via USB, you can just plug your cheap USB charging cable into the USB car adapter and call it good. The gadget will set you back $15, so it's probably just as cheap (if not cheaper) than dedicated chargers. It's currently not available from the iLuv store, but it's supposed to be sometime in September, meaning it should be available sometime in the next week.

Astronomer’s Laser Flashlight

The astronomers at Palomar Observatory love the Astronomer’s Laser Flashlight because it combines the brightness of a green laser pointer with a high-intensity flashlight. The green laser pointer is 20 times brighter than the red laser pointers on the market and truly provides a beam of light that may disappear into beyond the galaxy which is great for pointing out stars and planets in the light sky. The flashlight comes complete with a 15-inch lanyard, a belt pouch, and a storage box. With the three included AAA batteries, you will enjoy 20 hours of operation.

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Callpod Fueltank Uno coming to Best Buy

Most of us have been out doing the things we like to do and ran out of power for our mobile phones, MP3 players and other gadgets. This can be a big problem f you need to make a call of someone needs to get in touch with you. Callpod has announced a new battery backup solution that is called the Fueltank Uno and will be sold at Best Buy.The device will hit Best Buy stores Sunday and is described as a 6-in-1 multi-device charger. The Uno has four times the battery capacity as the standard mobile phone and have adapters available that allows the device to support over 3,000 different devices including the iPhone and iPod as well as a plethora of other mobile phones.

The Fueltank Uno value pack will retail for $39.95 at Best Buy. Exactly what components are included in the value pack is unknown at this time. I would bet the device ships with tips for USB charging devices and possibly the iPhone/iPod.